Superior Customer Service

While almost every company claims to offer superior customer service, experience shows that most company’s customer service is atrocious. Bad customer service loses your valuable customers (Instead of complaining, unhappy customers often simply take their business elsewhere) and an angry customer tells at least 10 or more others about their bad experience. A good customer service experience not only avoids/fixes problems, but turns customers into fans and advocates and provides an opportunity to develop more business.

JG&A associate Randi Busse is a widely recognized, world-class Customer Service Expert. Randi is a trusted resource for a diverse array of companies and organizations that rely on her guidance to help improve customer service and increase customer retention. She uses real-life situations and humor to customize the content of her programs, getting your employees excited and motivated to turn your customers into Raving Fans.

Are you experiencing any of these issues in your business?

  • Worried about losing customers to your competition?
  • Upset about getting complaints from your customers regarding the service they’re receiving?
  • Frustrated that your employees may be leaving money on the table?
  • Not maximizing the revenue you are generating from your current customer base?
  • Insufficient referrals from your customers?
  • Concerned about the high turnover of customer service employees?

If so, we’ll help you to create a “culture of ownership” among your employees and provide them with the attitude and skills they need to:

  • Improve customer service
  • Increase customer retention
  • Maximize revenue through cross-selling, up-selling and referrals

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