Listening Skills

One of the three most important traits the best salespeople always possess is excellent interviewing (question-asking) skills, but if you’re not actively listening to the answers, the questions don’t matter. Lack of focus, arrogance and the belief that "It's all about the pitch" are just three of many reasons why most salespeople stink at listening.The Listening Skills workshop is based on the knowledge that if you ask the right questions, and listen effectively, your prospect will tell you everything you need to know in order for you to help them choose to buy from you. Participants leave with an increased ability to “hear” what the prospect is really saying so they can develop highly targeted presentations that close more sales.

JG&A teaches:

  • The difference between active and passive listening
  • The qualities of an effective listener
  • How to avoid "Listening Arrogance"
  • The use of "checking questions"
  • The use of "higher level" questions
  • The crucial importance of focus
  • Confirming what you think you heard