Sales Coaching

Individual Level-Up Sales Coaching

This coaching is NOT for beginners. Are you an already successful sales rep looking to take your sales game to the next level? Level-Up sales coaching is exactly what you're looking for! As your Personal Sales Coach we’ll have bi-weekly Zoom meetings for 60 minutes during which we’ll discuss your most pressing current sales challenges, the deals you’re currently working on (so that I can offer you strategies to help you close them quicker) and your prospecting efforts. You’ll make a prospecting commitment (I won’t be telling you what you have to do…together we’ll come to an agreement on what will serve you best) for the following week and I’ll hold you accountable. Together we'll keep you on the right track to achieve and exceed your personal goals!

You'll gain Clarity (where you are and where you're going), Direction (a clear vision for how we'll get you there), and Confidence (we'll work on skills and strategies improvement while also working on the mind game of selling).

If you're looking to possibly double or triple your income in the next 6-12 months, this is the program for you. I'll help you earn what you’re truly worth…the kind of money and success you always knew you were capable of. Sales is a game of making things happen and together we will Make Sales Happen!

"Hey Jeff, appreciate your advice from last week. I sent a golfing brochure for a nearby course to an Owner after my conversation with you and he loved my 'touch' so much I got my first signed contract (at my new job) for a seven figure deal!"- Melissa McEwan - Construction Sales - Texas, USA

"When you work with Jeff, he's like can't help but get some of him on you!" - Gurpreet "Sonny" Singh - Commercial Real Estate Broker - Long Island, USA

I’ll do everything in my power to maximize your Return-On-Investment.

Monthly Investment Plan - $1000        Recurring charge to your card        Cancel anytime

Annual Investment Plan - $10,000       (Save $2000.00)                                No cancellations on annual plan

*Please note: There are no refunds for unused time

Investment Options

Mastermind Group Sales Coaching

Group coaching is highly-effective, low-cost alternative to private coaching. Great for both rookies and experienced salespeople who simply aren't seeing enough prospects and aren't closing enough business. 

Are you ready to do what it takes to Level-Up? Level-Up your prospecting skills? Level-Up your selling skills? Level-Up your income? Do you know you’re worth more than you’re currently earning but don’t know how to make it happen?

Having been in sales and sales management for almost 48 years, I’ve found that even the best need help to think outside their own box. Top performers work with a coach, sometimes multiple coaches. I coach salespeople and sales managers on a daily basis, and I’m ready to help you achieve and exceed your financial goals!  

You’ll meet once a week, after business hours, with a group of no more than 9 other sales professionals looking to take their selling, and their income, to the next level. In each one-hour session we’ll cover the sales challenges the group is facing. Together we’ll discuss, give advice and we all learn and grow from our combined experience. You'll make commitments to each other and benefit from a group that will hold you accountable to your own success!

Of course I’ll personally moderate the discussions, offering my best coaching and will share the tips, tools, strategies, techniques and mindset advice that have made me a sought after coach and trainer for the last 18 years. You’ll also have access to me in between meetings via email and phone. Each session will be recorded and you'll receive access to the recording so that you can replay it at your convenience or catch up on any missed sessions. 

Commitment, effort and activity is what drives results. This is a one-year investment in yourself. The goal of this group is for you to get more appointments with Decision-Makers, shorten your sales cycle and close more business, more profitably in order to increase your personal income.

I’ll do everything in my power to maximize your Return-On-Investment.

Monthly Investment Plan - $325        Recurring charge to your card        Cancel anytime

Annual Investment Plan - $2,900        (Save $1000.00)                               No cancellations on annual plan

Investment Options