Sales Coaching

Sales Accountability Coaching

As your Personal Sales Coach we’ll have bi-weekly video/phone calls that last 60 minutes. During these calls, we’ll discuss your most pressing current sales challenges, the deals you’re currently working on (so that I can offer you strategies to help you close them) and your prospecting efforts. You’ll make a prospecting commitment (I won’t be telling you what you have to do…together we’ll come to an agreement on what will serve you best) for the following week and I’ll hold you accountable & keep you on the right track to achieve and exceed your personal goals!

This type of Coaching has been proven to be highly effective for both the high-performer, looking to take their sales game to the next level, and the sales rep who knows they should be making more money but, for whatever reason, just can’t seem to do so. For Sales Leaders who have team members that need some extra attention, this type of coaching can be invaluable.

Coach Jeff will help you earn what you’re truly worth…the kind of money and success you always knew you were capable of. Together, we will Make It Happen!


"When you work with Jeff, he's like can't help but get some of him on you!" - Sonny S. - Commercial Real Estate Broker