Professional Prospecting

Professional Prospecting

Filling your pipeline with appointments to meet Decision-Makers is about the most important thing a salesperson can do on a daily basis. While the least expensive and fastest way to an appointment is still via cold calling (if it’s done properly), cold calling as a sole strategy is no longer the smart way to fill your calendar with appointments. A blended approach to prospecting has distinct advantages, and the use of Social Media, Email, Direct Mail and more should be part of most salespeople’s prospecting mix.

In this fun and interactive workshop salespeople learn:

  • Overcoming “call reluctance”
  • Methods for avoiding cold calling
  • The use of Social Media, especially LinkedIn
  • Email and Direct Mail prospecting
  • Content Marketing
  • The Importance of Metrics
  • Permission-based marketing
  • Developing the opening conversation
  • Asking for the appointment
  • The 7 Objections, and how to get the appointment when to say when the prospect says “No.”
  • Voicemail that gets your calls returned
  • Getting past the gatekeeper
  • Finding the decision-maker’s name (when you don’t know it)
  • The Best Time/Day to cold call

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