Advanced Interviewing Skills

The Key to Sales Success is in the Questions!

The best salespeople are the best question-askers. In fact, if you ask the right questions and listen actively to the answers, your prospect will tell you everything you need to know if order to close the deal. Sadly, however, most salespeople believe it's all about giving a great presentation and being a strong closer.

The Advanced Interviewing Skills workshop helps salespeople take their question-asking game to the next level! By honing their ability to ask more, and better, questions salespeople will close more business.

JG&A teaches:

  • How to ask questions that uncover what makes sense to the prospect
  • Diving deeper into the wants, needs and pain of the prospect
  • Staying focused on the prospect
  • The questions that help you to stop wasting time with non-buyers
  • The use of "Higher-Level" questions
  • Turning an interrogation into a conversation
  • Helping the prospect to "open up"