Videotaped Role-Playing

Role-playing is an essential part of training, but most role-plays don’t work well for many reasons, one of which is the person playing the customer doesn’t know how to play the customer accurately. We work closely with you to develop a true-to-life sales scenario and then give that scenario, in advance of the role-play, to the sales reps. The reps have up to 2 weeks to plan their sales call just as they would in the real world. At an appointed time the rep is recorded (on DVD) role-playing a sales call with someone we train to play the customer. The trainer uses a checklist and takes notes on the “sales call.”

When the “sales call” is completed the trainer reviews the video with the rep, and their manager, offering constructive criticism and advice on how to improve.

Sales reps always come into this exercise nervous and leave with a better understanding of how their prospects see them as well as “real-world” advice on how to improve their skills.

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