Advanced Interviewing

The Key is in the Questions!

One of the traits that the best salespeople always possess is excellent interviewing (question-asking) skills but if you’re not listening to the answers, the questions don’t matter. Lack of focus, fixating on the prospect’s speech characteristics and lack of preparation are just three of many reasons why most salespeople stink at listening.

The Listening Skills workshop is based on the theory that if you ask the right questions,and listen effectively,your prospect will tell you everything you need to know in order for you to sell them. Participants leave with an increased ability to “hear” what the prospect is really saying so they can develop highly targeted presentations that close more sales. JG&A teaches:

  • Communication is creating true understanding
  • The difference between Active and Passive listening
  • What to listen for, What not to listen for
  • How to stay focused on the prospect
  • The importance of checking/verifying what you think you hear

This program is excellent in combination with Advanced Interviewing Skills.

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