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December 2008

Dear Jeff,

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  • Now is the Time!
  • How To Be Your Own Coach

  • Now is the Time!

    First, some thanks and an announcement. Thanks to all of you who accepted my invitation for a free 20 minute telephone coaching session. It was my honor to be able to work with so many of you.
    I currently have time in my schedule to accept two new coaching clients but before considering me as your personal coach you should know I'm a very specific type of coach. I am not the "put my arm around you and gently prod you to success" type. If you're looking for that type of coach I have a fantastic associate, with a softer touch, who I would be glad to refer you to. If, however, you're looking for an "I'm ready to do whatever it takes to succeed but need some guidance and a kick in the ass" coach, call me to discuss. I don't work cheap but I do get results!

    Okay...the holidays are upon us and it will be New Year's in 2 short weeks. There are two topics I think are crucial at this time of year.

    1 - Don't stop selling now! This is the time of year the average salesperson sits back and relaxes. They say things like, "Hey, it's the holidays. No one wants to meet or do business now. I'll start of the year with a bang." While it's true that some prospects might not want to meet with you from now until the end of the year it's also true that their are some companies that will still meet with you and do business. In fact, historically, I've closed some of the largest deals of my career the week between Christmas and New Year's. If you can't close any business right now you can at least be setting appointments for the first week in January. If you don't, you'll be starting over January 2nd and it will take between two and four weeks to rebuild your pipeline. DO IT NOW!

    2 - NOW IS THE TIME to set goals for 2009. You've heard it many times before, the most successful people know that one of the secrets to having what you want and achieving your desires is having clearly defined, written out goals. So here are my tips for goal setting 2009.

    1) Goals must be attainable but should be a stretch.

    We all like be able to say, "I did it!" You could set easily achievable goals, like "I'll wake up each morning and brush my teeth," and you'll most likely achieve them. But they won't push you or cause you to do anything different than you already do and they won't be fulfilling. Your goals should be strong enough that you'll want to do whatever it takes to reach them but they must also be possible. If one of your goals is to fly like a bird that's great but it's unlikely you'll achieve that without a quantum breakthrough in the technology of humans sprouting wings. I'll use a monetary example since most of us can relate to wanting to have more money. Let's say you earned $85,000.00 in 2008. Nice going! Perhaps a good goal for you would be, "I will earn $115,000.00 by December 31, 2009." It's a reach but do-able. Warning - while financial goals are important and useful, most of us don't really have a goal of having money. Money, in and of itself isn't very useful. What's important is what the money can do for you so be sure, when setting financial goals, that you not only come up with a specific number but also get clear on what that amount of money will mean to you and do for you. Remember, if your goals don't excite you in a way that makes you jump out of bed in the morning ready to push towards their achievement they're probably not the right goals for you.

    2) Goals must be written down.

    If it's not written down it isn't real. I suggest you take several hours (not during prime selling time) to consider what your goals are for 2009 and write them down. I've posted a free goal setting worksheet on my website to help you write them down and get clear on them. Click here for the worksheet. Goal-Setting Worksheet Your final list of goals should be posted somewhere you'll see them first thing in the morning (so you can focus your attention on them to get the day started) and last thing at night. (so you can focus on them subconsciously while sleeping) I recommend posting them next to your mirror where you brush your teeth. Focus on and think about your goals consistently during your day. Whatever you focus your attention on consistently tends to get attracted into your life.

    3) Goals must be crystal-clear, specific and colorful

    When you are writing out your goals, the clearer and more colorful you can be in describing them the greater the likelihood of you achieving them. "I want to have a new car in 2009," is a nice goal but a better example of a goal is, "I'll own a 2009 black, Lamborghini with saddle leather interior, premium sound system and targa top by June 15, 2009." The second example is much more likely to be realized. The more specific your goal, the easier it is for you to focus on it. Visualize yourself, on a daily basis, as already having achieved your goals. Rather than visualizing a snapshot, visualize your goals as a movie. For example, if your goal is to have a new house, rather than seeing it as a picture, see it as a movie with you and your friends on the deck on the house at a party with waiters milling through the crowd serving fabulous food and drinks while a band plays and you and your guests socialize and dance. The better you visualize yourself as having your goals the greater the likelihood of you achieving them and achieving them more quickly.

    4) You actually have to do it.

    I could give you many more suggestions on goal setting and how to achieve your goals but all of them are useless unless you begin by doing the above. How many times have you heard the advice I've given you here? You know the above "rules" for goal setting are true but have you actually done it? Will you do it this year???

    Will you say, "Jeff's right, I should really write down my goals this year. I know I should." But when December 31, 2009 rolls around will you be looking at your list of goals and checking off all those that you accomplished or will you be moaning and telling yourself, "I'll do it next week." (next month, next year)

    Pull out your calendar right now and schedule time for yourself to set your goals for 2009. In reviewing my goals for 2008 I've achieved many, came close on some and not-so-close on others but I know that I wouldn't have done nearly as well if I hadn't written them out at the end of 2007 and focussed on them each and every day.

    As always I'm here to help you be your best. If you'd like some specific advice on goals and goal setting feel free to call or e-mail me.

    I'm wishing you and all those you care about the Happiest of Holidays & a Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

    Make It Happen,


    How To Be Your Own Coach
    Be Your Own Coach Cover

    If coaching yourself to success sounds like something that might be of interest to you please check out my new book, "How To Be Your Own Coach:Six Simple Questions for Achieving Your Goals!" Simply click on the cover for more information.

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