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Jeff Goldberg & Associates
Jeff's Selling & Success Newsletter
March 2012

Dear Jeff,  


Here's your March newsletter! Thanks to those of you who wrote, asking where my newsletter was...sometimes life (and business) gets in the way of getting these monthly missives out to you. 


If you find the information below valuable please forward it to a friend or colleague via the forward link at bottom of the page.

The Way Things are and The Way Things ARE 

In sales and sales management there's the way things are, and the way things ARE. It's important to realize the difference if we're going to accomplish more. 


As a salesperson you know that the most important thing you can do every day is prospect for new accounts but even with the best of intentions few of us really do prospect every day. The way things are is that we have appointments to run, company meetings to attend, paperwork to do and a million & one other things that need to get done. Often prospecting takes a back seat. Should it? Nope. The way things ARE is that we need to find a way to fit it all in or we need to be better at getting rid of stuff that needs to get done but doesn't support our goals. 


As a sales manager, the way things ARE is that you want to invest the majority of your time actively coaching your people to greater success so that they, you and the company makes more money. The way things are is that, like your salespeople, you have internal meetings to attend, forecasting and paperwork to do, planning for sales meetings, etc. 


Want to make more money? Find ways to fit it all in or get rid of what doesn't get you where you want to go. Make a list of the way things are and the way things ARE and make sure you doing the activities you need to do to make sure the way things ARE puts more money in your pocket. Track where your time goes and look for areas where you can eliminate wasted, or less-than-productive time. Be very conscious of time thieves like excessive research, friends and other reps you work with that want to chat about last night's American Idol while you're trying to earn living for yourself and your family. Book yourself solid with appointments and, if you have to, tell your manager, "I can attend the HR meeting about new benefits or I can go meet with a prospect that may turn into business. Which do you want me to do?" Act like your sales job is really you running your own business, because it is. If you owned the company, and the profits went into your pocket, would you waste time on non-revenue generating activities?


Make sure you're investing rather than spending your valuable time.


Make It Happen in 2012! 



90 Days to Increased Sales! - Next Series begins in May


You may be aware that in January I started working with a group of 10 salespeople, in various companies and industries, via phone every two weeks. We're more than halfway through the program and the feedback I've been getting has been phenomenal!


Are you on track to hit your 2012 financial and sales goals? If not, you might want to consider applying for one of ten openings in the next series of "90 Days to Increased Sales!" webinars. 


No matter what you're level of expertise I'll teach you an easy to use, natural methodology called, "Conversation Selling" which will help you to close more business, more profitably. 


Each session is recorded so that if you can't make it to a particular session you can always view it at your convenience. 


Dianne Parker, CEO of Executive on the Run, has to say about the program:



What I really love about working with you is that you always take the time to listen carefully and respond thoughtfully.


Your insights and advice are extremely helpful. Thanks!"



Every two weeks we'll invest 90 minutes on the phone (and computer) together to give you:

  •  45-60 minutes of sales training (see agenda below) and coaching with internationally acclaimed sales expert Jeff Goldberg
  • 30-45 minutes of "real-world" coaching designed to solve your current, personal sales challenges

By participating in this group for just 90 days you'll walk away with:

  • Clearly defined, specific, written sales goals
  • A written plan for achieving those goals
  • Easy-to use Conversational Selling skills
  • A better understanding of the sales process and how it works in conjunction with your customer's buying process 

How can we do all this in just 90 days? Simple:


1) We're going to move quickly and cover a lot of ground on each call

2) The group will only be made up of 10 others who are committed and ready to stop complaining, find real improvement and get real results

3) You'll get specific strategies and advice from the group (and me) on how to move the sales you're currently working on towards Closed.

4) You'll will have access to me between calls via email and phone




Week 1: Goal Setting, Strategic Planning & Metrics

Week 2: The Inner Game & Introduction to Conversation Selling

Week 3: A Deep Dive into Conversational Selling

Week 4: The Sales Cycle and the Buying Cycle

Week 5: Managing Your Pipeline

Week 6: Telephone and other forms of Prospecting

Week 7: Prospecting concluded and Wrap-Up


Fee: $299 per month (paid monthly) for three months or $849.95 if you pay up front. Pay in full and I'll include a free private coaching session! (a $500 value)


 ***Note - This is a full 90-day program for those truly committed to their increased success. While you can pay monthly if you're not willing to commit to the full 90 days this program isn't right for you. 


If you're possibly interested in being one of the ten people in the next round of calls send me an email at and I'll put you on a list to be notified as soon as I've solidified the dates. 


Questions? Call me at 516.608.4136 or write to 


Make It Happen in 2012! 




Resized Headshot
JG&A is a sales consulting, training, coaching and keynote-speaking firm.



SALES TRAINING DOESN'T WORK! At least it doesn't work the way most organizations do it. Training without a solid reinforcement plan is a waste of your time and money. 


At JG&A we are committed to helping you increase sales. When working with us Sales Managers become better leaders and coaches & Salespeople will get more appointments, shorten their sales cycle and close more business, more profitably. We build in substantial reinforcement to help you get the results you're looking for. 


Our mission is to teach and inspire others to enjoy selling in a direct, honest and highly profitable way while having fun helping their customers. For more than three decades we've worked internationally with salespeople and managers in a wide variety of industries and levels of experience, from the most junior new hires to highly seasoned veterans. 


JG&A is committed to being a world leader in products and services that help, and inspire, salespeople (and others) to surpass their goals and realize their dreams! 


Inspirational Speaking

"You are one of the nation's top sales speakers!"

Diane Parker - CEO - Executive on the Run


Jeff is available for keynote speeches and workshops on anything having to do with selling/managing salespeople as well as various motivational topics including, "Coach Yourself to Success" "Leverage Your Laziness" and "Motivate Yourself"


With more than three decades of sales, management and training experience, as well as a background in theatre and stand-up comedy, Jeff is a high-energy speaker that will engage and entertain your employees while they learn and grow. 


Contact us for a quote and information on how we can help turn your next meeting into a raging success!

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