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July 2007

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  • Just Be Yourself!

  • Just Be Yourself!

    I just got back from a bike ride along the ocean and while riding I "people-watch." Living in a beach community you get to see lots of different types of people, especially when the weather's nice as it is now.

    I was noticing the amazing variety of people today. Men, women, kids. Some riding bikes. Some faster than me and others that I left in the dust. Some jogging, some running, some walking. Women in full makeup and high heels as well as others in workout gear and sweating up a storm. Fat men with their shirts off (ugh) and young guys with buff bodies that make me ride a little faster and longer so that I, too, can have abs that others can see instead of only in my dreams. For now, my abs are hidden by a layer of...well, we don't have to go there. The point is each of the people I noticed today were being themselves and I was being myself. I didn't need to be anyone else and neither did they. So, what does this have to do with selling?

    For years I've attended seminars and read books and newsletters (I still do) in order to learn what's out there and help improve myself. I can't tell you how many workshops I've attended that teach how you to figure out what "type" of person/buyer the prospect is and how to adjust your selling style to match their buying style in order to improve the odds of getting a sale.

    One organization calls them Bosses, Users, Gatekeepers and Supporters. (BUGS) Another calls them Drivers, Analyticals, Amiables and Expressives. The list goes on and on. Supposedly, if you figure out what "type" your prospect is you can then change who you are or how you sell to better accommodate the way they like to buy. BUNK!

    Just like I don't change who I am when I am riding my bicycle, I don't change who I am when I'm selling. I suggest that people, including your prospects, can "smell" a phony a mile away and changing who you are or how you are being with them will set off alarms in their heads. It's kind of like dating. (in fact, a sales call is very much like a date) If you meet someone and are on your best behavior, acting like the person you think they'd like you to be, you're going to be in deep trouble later on when you start acting like who you really are. If you like to eat ribs with your fingers (is there any other way?) would you use a knife and fork on a date so that the person sitting across from you doesn't see you getting bbq sauce all over your fingers? Probably not, so why would you act differently with a prospect just because of what type they are?

    Don't get me wrong, if your prospect talks slowly and thinks slowly and you're a fast talker it's probably wise to slow down a little bit when dealing with this particular person. But changing your entire style and personality? Silly.

    The fact is that buyers buy two things: relationship and value. I've dealt with value in this column before and will most likely deal with it again soon, as it is so important. Relationship is equally important. People buy from those they like and trust unless they have no choice, which isn't usually the case. How can you have a relationship based on like and trust if the prospect isn't getting to know the "real" you?

    If you are a heavy drinker or drug user I'm not suggesting you should be drink or high on sales calls but I do suggest you Just Be Yourself. People will either like you or not. Typically salespeople are "people" people. One of the traits of most great salespeople is their "likeability" factor. The "greats" are almost always the type of people that others immediately like. By being yourself, instead of worrying about what "type" the other person is, you can develop a real rapport which can lead to like and trust and, hopefully, a long-term profitable business relationship.

    Forget all that other stuff. Just Be Yourself. You'll have more fun and close more business.

    Make It Happen!


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