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March 2008

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  • W.I.I.F.M.

  • W.I.I.F.M.

    I assume you've figured out why you're a salesperson. If you're like most, you didn't go to college so that you could learn the skills you would need to embark on a career in sales. It's unlikely that when you were a child and someone asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" that your answer was, "A sales professional." In fact, most salespeople wind up in sales by accident.

    Once in sales, however, many of us stay for the long run. Because it's easy? Nope. Because it's glamorous? Nope. Because other than being an entertainer, sports figure, doctor or lawyer it's a career where you can make the most money? (with little or no education) Yup! Usually, the reason salespeople become salespeople, and stick with it, is because it beats digging ditches and you have the opportunity to make a very substantial income.

    So, you probably know why you "bought" selling as a career but do you know why your customers buy? I can sum up the answer with a simple acronym: W.I.I.F.M. which stands for "What's In It For Me."

    The simple fact is that humans do almost everything they do because there's something in it for them. Since your customers buy from you because of what's in it for them, you must be very good at showing and telling them exactly that: What's in it for them when they buy from you? Will they increase profits? Will they save time? Will they close more business? Will they attract more customers? These are just a few of the potential benefits you might offer your customers. You see, people buy the benefit that your product or service offers them. The W.I.I.F.M.
    In my workshops I'm often stunned to discover that many people don't understand what a benefit is and if you don't understand that you might as well throw away your briefcase and find another career.

    Most products and services have features and benefits. You must know the distinction between the two and which one your customer buys. Features are what something is or has. When you buy a car, it has a steering wheel. That's one of the features of a car. The car has tires. Another feature. But did you buy your car because it had a steering wheel and tires? You wouldn't have purchased your car if it didn't have those things but that's not why you bought your car. You bought your car because you wanted to be able to drive from point A to point B. That's the benefit of owning a car. (I understand that you bought the particular model car that you own because it might have certain features that you wanted but the overriding reason you bought a car was for transportation) And that, my friends, is what people buy - benefits.

    Most salespeople give presentations filled with emphasis on the terrific features offered. When I bought my last car the salesperson almost lost the sale because he was pitching me on safety features as I stood there, listening, with my 5 year old holding my hand. After explaining to the sales clown that I knew Toyota was a safe car, and that he should move on because I had his money in my pocket and I only cared if the car went fast when I stepped on the gas and that the stereo sounded good, he continued to pitch me on the safety features. As he continued, I warned him that I was going to walk out. He finally moved on to what I wanted to hear and I bought the car. It had the features I wanted but also the benefits. It takes me from point A to point B quickly and the music sounds great. (my 5 year old liked it because it had a large blue balloon attached to the antenna. His benefit was that he would get to play with a balloon)

    If you want to sell more you need to stop focussing on the way you want to sell and start focussing on the way your customers want to buy, and what they buy. Briefly describe the features and answer any questions regarding them but the emphasis should always be on how each item benefits your customer.

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