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October 2006

Dear Jeff,

  • Were You're Parents Right?

  • Were You're Parents Right?

    Before reading on, a note. Most of you know me as a sales trainer and while I do speak on a number of topics, the majority of my business is helping salespeople get more appointments, close more sales and make more money by teaching them common sense techniques that work in the real world. Todays newsletter is not on selling technique. Instead, it covers something so important that it has the potential to help you earn more money than you ever dreamed possible, so much so that I'm willing to take the risk of you aying, "Jeff's crazy!" I invite you to e-mail (jeff@jgsalespro.com) me after reading this month's article with your thoughts and opinions.

    Remember when you were a child...and everything seemed possible? Remember when your parents told you that you could be anything you wanted to be? Were your parents right?

    It turns out they were. It turns out that you can have, do or be anything you want to and it's all because of something called the Law of Attraction. No, I haven't suddenly turned into a scientist studying what makes the universe work although I have been studying personal development for over 20 years. And, no, what I'm about to tell you about is nothing I invented or discovered...unless you consider discovery to include flipping through the channels on cable one night and coming across a special on PBS called, "What the Bleep Do We Know!!??" (you can rent it at Blockbuster or click here - What the Bleep) I had missed the beginning of the program and almost clicked to the next channel as they seemed to be discussing Quantum Physics, something I knew nothing about and had no interest in. But after listening for a few minutes I started understanding what they were talking about and it was fascinating. I was hooked and by the end of the program I had learned one of the keys to the universe, something that would change my life. I know, that's a bold statement. Let me tell you why I make it.

    I know a guy. Nice guy. Happy guy. Smart, funny, respected and well liked by most people. Very good at his job (he enjoyed it immensely) and, to the outside world, he seemed very successful. Great kids, house in the burbs in a good neighborhood. Life looked pretty good from the outside.

    The fact is the guy, while doing his best to maintain his good attitude was in a pretty sorry state. Turns out the guy was at the end of a failed marriage. For the previous year he had been living on a mattress in his own basement while his wife and kids lived upstairs. While seemingly successful on the job, he wasn't making much money. The pressure was massive but somehow he usually managed to keep a smile on his face and the thought, "I know things will work out," in his head even though there was no evidence they would. (don't worry, there's a happy ending)

    9 short months later this same guy has started his own successful business, moved to a wonderful house near the ocean (a dream of his) and once again describes himself as, "The happiest person you've ever met." If it sounds like I know a bit about this guy, it should. He's me.

    I'm certainly not the first person you've ever heard of who made an amazing turnaround. I'll bet with almost no effort you could easily think of at least 5 more people you know or have heard of that went through terrible times and came out the other side on top.

    What have these people, typically, discovered? The Law of Attraction.

    Stick with me here, I promise it will be worth it!

    The Law of Attraction states that everything coming into your life, good and bad, is coming to you because you're attracting it. Without delving too deeply into the quantum physics side of it, which I'm not qualified to do, the universe and everything in it is made up of energy. At the smallest level of every atom is energy vibrating at different levels. That means every atom in every cell in your body, at the sub-atomic level is made up of vibrating energy. Same for trees, and rocks, and the chair you're sitting on. Our thoughts are made of energy too. (scientists have machines that can measure the frequency of the energy a particular thought throws off) Since everything at the most basic level is energy and our thoughts are too, our thoughts have the power to influence the universe (energy) around us and attract the images we focus on.

    Most of us are focussed on what we don't want. "I don't want to be in debt." "I don't want to be with this loser." "I don't want to be fat anymore." Because the Law of Attraction says that whatever images we focus on are attracted to us, when we focus on not wanting debt, we attract debt. When we focus on not wanting a bad relationship, isn't it funny how another bad relationship is typically what we attract? (funny like a heart attack) Because the universe doesn't distinguish between our good thoughts or bad thoughts we must carefully choose the images we focus on. (and attract)

    Another source of information on this subject is a movie called, "The Secret." (click here for more info - The Secret) It covers the same subject in a slightly different way but the essence is the same. We create our universe and circumstances and we can have, do or be anything we want. "The Secret" likens the universe to the genie in the Aladdin story. After Aladdin released the genie from the magic lamp the genie granted him three wishes. After Aladdin asked for each wish the genie replied with, "Your wish is my command." When you ask for what you want the universe responds with, "Your wish is my command," too. But you can't just wish it. It takes a little more work than that!

    "The Secret" says there are three steps.

    Step 1) Ask - You must ask for what you want. The universe responds to your thoughts so you don't have to say them out loud, although you can. More importantly, you must ask in the present tense and you must create vivid images in your mind of what it will look and feel like when you have what you're attracting. For example, if you want to have a new home theater system you'll say something like, "I own a magnificent new home theater system with a 60" plasma TV and speakers which shake to whole house." Create and focus on images of you sitting in your home theater with a bowl of popcorn and something to drink while watching a favorite movie and being awed by the magnificent picture and wowed by the phenomenal sound. Feel it as if it's already happening. Go to Circuit City or Best Buy and try out your new system to get an image in your mind if you need to but the image needs to be clear and vivid.

    Step 2) Answer - Nothing for you to do. The universe always responds to your images.

    Step 3) Receive - Your thoughts and feeling must be in alignment for you to receive what you're trying to attract. Emotions let us know what we're feeling and what we feel is a reflection of what we're attracting. Negative emotions like anger, guilt and frustration tell us that our current thoughts are not in line with what we really want. Conversely, when we experience positive emotions like love, joy and happiness these emotions are telling us that the things we are currently focussed on are in line with what we really want. You can stub your toe getting out of bed, howl in pain and watch as the day spirals down from there. Or, you can choose to focus on feeling and attracting health, happiness, love and prosperity. We're not just talking about positive mental attitude here. Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith says, "The universe responds to your song." If you want to consciously attract wonderful things in your life, you'll need to "sing".

    Want more money? Focus on it with passion. Create vivid, crystal-clear images of what your life will look and feel like when you have the money you want. (The Law of Attraction is not just about money, it works with everything. I use money as an example because it is a common desire for most of us)

    You don't have to understand how this works for it to work for you. Edison didn't know how he would invent the light bulb, he only knew that he would. Trust that the Law of Attraction will work for you. Don't delay, don't doubt, don't second-guess. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, "Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step."

    Don't look at short-term results. If you try this for a short time and don't win Lotto, or meet a supermodel, or wake up with rock-hard abs you might say, "This attraction stuff is a crock. It doesn't work." And the universe will say, "Your wish is my command." If you think money doesn't grow on trees, or life is hard and then you die, you'll be right. Henry Ford said, "Whether you think you can or you can't, either way you are right."

    There's more to the story but this article is running long. You can learn more on the web or from the two movies I mentioned. You can also feel free to call me to discuss. When I learned the Law of Attraction my life made a huge shift for the better and continues to do so. Yours can too.

    Make It Happen!


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