SalesStar – The First Sales Optimization App






SalesStar is a revolutionary app designed specifically to help salespeople close more business.

Sales organizations face a number of challenges, but the bottom line is always this: Salespeople need to close more business.

Most companies use a CRM system, and that’s important, but CRM is designed to make salespeople more productive and it helps them with the “What.” 

  • What do I need to do?
  • Who do I need to do it with?
  • When do I need to do it? etc…

While this can assist reps in being more organized, it doesn’t necessarily help them close deals.

CRM is an essential tool and an important part of every sales organization's arsenal.


10 years of research by CSO Insights has shown that CRM “does not increase sales effectiveness.”

SalesStar is not a CRM system, and it does not duplicate the information in your CRM systems or the work done by sales reps.

SalesStar is used by the Sales Leader to quickly learn (due to the highly visual aspect of the app) exactly where their salespeople need coaching on each deal, and it dramatically increases the integrity of the pipeline. It decreases the time it takes to "get to the point" when coaching sales reps.

SalesStar provides best-practice guidance to salespeople regarding how to increase the likelihood of winning deals, while working more efficiently in close partnership with their sales manager. It does this through analysis, based on a series of sophisticated transactional "coaching elements" which draw on more than ten proven traditional and contemporary core competency frameworks for sales effectiveness; all of which have increased the likelihood of closing more business.

Because one size does not fit all, we customize the coaching elements in SalesStar to fit your unique company and industry.

When you realize that the vast majority of salespeople are not “A” players, it’s easy to see why most sales organizations fall short of their sales goals.


SalesStar makes salespeople more effective by focusing them on the “How,” as in HOW to close more business.

SalesStar is used by the salesperson to alert them to what questions need to be asked, what relationships need to be nurtured and much more! It’s a highly valuable “portable coach.”

Why SalesStar?

The vast majority of salespeople are not repeatedly achieving 100% of quota. The most immediate and effective method of increasing the win-ratio is to substantially increase transactional sales coaching during the active sales process. Unfortunately, sales leaders are unable to offer “timely coaching advice” because they don’t have on-demand access to accurate and vital sales information at every stage of every opportunity, they don’t have the time to do the coaching and often don’t have the patience to work with each of their reps.

How Does It Work?

SalesStar focuses on vital transactional coaching elements, and does it across multiple dimensions throughout the entire sales process. It “self-enables” salespeople to adjust their sales strategies and actions, and addresses the “How to” in winning more sales opportunities. SalesStar also enables sales leaders to take frequent, on-demand, timely actions because they can actually “see” the comprehensive range of vital sales information for each sales opportunity, by each of their salespeople.

SalesStar is a real breakthrough in helping your sales reps consistently beat sales targets and self-enable continuous sales performance improvement!

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