Keynote Speaking

Jeff is a highly-talented professional speaker with the ability to inspire, engage and entertain your team while they laugh and learn. He delivers powerful, high-energy keynote speeches that draw on his years of experience in the theater and a foray into stand-up comedy.

The co-author of two books (“Leverage Your Laziness!” and “How to Be Your Own Coach-Six Simple Questions for Achieving Your Goals”) audiences find Jeff to be smart, fun, engaging and easy to relate to.

Jeff has spoken in front of a wide range of audiences including religious leaders, teachers, psychologists, attorneys, students, bankers and, of course, salespeople of all types.

Speech Topics:

Sales is a Conversation – Most people think sales is about convincing others to see things your way. It’s not. Sales is a conversation, or series of conversations, leading to help someone choose to do business with you. In this talk Jeff explains why and the 6-step process he teaches for selling, without being “salesy.”

You SELL or You SUCK! – Most salespeople struggle their entire career and never see much success. This talk is designed to inspire salespeople to dig in and do what it takes to be a sales Rock Star!

The Sales Manager as Strategist, Trainer and Coach – This talk is designed to share the fundamentals of effective sales leadership. It’s designed for anyone who has the responsibility of managing sales reps.

How to Be Your Own Coach! – Based on Jeff’s book, this lively talk takes you through the steps of goal setting and, more importantly, goal achievement.

Leverage YOUR Laziness!! – Based on Jeff’s book, he shares information on how to be more successful AND happier but focusing on what you’re good at and partnering with others to handle the rest. Paul McCartney and John Lennon were terrific as solo artists but together they made magic and you can too.

Motivate Yourself! – Most look for motivation from outside sources…their boss, their spouse, their family or other outside circumstances but true motivation comes from within. This down-to-earth and highly motivational talk offers the why and how of developing true motivation that lasts.

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