Motivation & Goal Setting

JG&A believes it is nearly impossible to motivate another person and that true motivation almost always comes from within. Goals, while they can be highly motivational, can have an adverse effect if set too high or low. In this workshop we teach:

    • Where motivation comes from
    • How to motivate yourself
    • How to avoid “de-motivators”
    • How pain and pleasure motivate everything we do
    • How to choose goals that will motivate you
    • How to choose realistic goals
    • How to make goals “sticky”
    • The importance of inertia
    • How to make choices that open more opportunities
    • Trusting your gut
    • How to set yourself up for success
    • Using support to stay on track and accomplish your goals
    • Using measurements to evaluate success
    • The difference between pie-in-the-sky and reaching for the stars
    • How using the Law of Attraction & creative to achieve your goals

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