Sales Accountability Coaching

It doesn’t matter how talented, experienced or successful you are…the fact remains that we all perform at higher levels when we work with a coach, especially a coach who holds you accountable. Tiger Woods, who at the time was the most successful professional golfer in the world, was employing the services of seven different coaches. Was it because he didn’t know how to golf? Of course not! Tiger had seven coaches because those coaches helped him to continually refine his game in order to stay on track and on top.

As your Personal Accountability Coach we’ll have weekly or bi-weekly video conference calls that last 30-60 minutes. During these calls we’ll discuss any sales challenges you need help with and we’ll discuss your metrics. You’ll make activity commitments for the following week and I’ll hold you accountable and keep you on the right track to achieve and exceed your personal goals! We’ll also review and strategize deals that you’re currently working on.

This Accountability Coaching is perfect for both the high-performer, who is looking to take their sales game to the next level, and the sales rep who knows they should be making more money but for whatever reason just can’t seem to do so.

Coach Jeff will help you earn what you’re truly worth…the kind of money and success you always knew you were capable of. Together we will Make It Happen!


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