90 Days to Increased Sales!

Did you hit your goals for 2012? Are you looking for a competitive edge to help you blow  2013’s quota out of the water? Would you like an “Instant Jumpstart” so that you can significantly increase your sales and income this year?


Perhaps you’re new to sales? Or maybe you’re experienced, but need a “kick-start” to get back on track? Do you run a small business, and among the many hats you wear is the “sales hat,” even though you know it’s not your strength? No matter what you’re level of expertise I’ll teach you an easy to use, natural methodology called, “Conversational Selling.”

Here’s what Dianne Parker, CEO of Executive on the Run, has to say about it:

“I can’t believe I’m saying this…I closed 3 new private clients in the last 2 months thanks to the simple, yet sophisticated approach Jeff has so generously shared with all of us!

For years, I have avoided asking for business. I depended on hoped-for satisfied client referrals. Hope is not a plan. I knew I had to find a technique; what I found is the art and science of sales, and it’s downright exciting.

Jeff’s training has transformed the bitter pill of “doing sales” to a very digestible, easy-to-use process of sales strategy. What really has me sold on his approach is how simple it was to make my own. By using what I call ‘Jeff’s anatomy of a sales process,’ I feel totally and authentically there for my prospects as well as my objective…to close the sale. This is so far from my image of the used car salesman approach; it’s actually enjoyable and, most importantly, it gets results.”

Starting Tuesday, February 26, 2013 I’ll be conducting a bi-weekly (see schedule below) Sales Mastermind Group for you via webinar.

Unlike traditional Mastermind groups that typically have members discussing their challenges and offering advice to each other this group will feature:

  • 45-60 minutes of sales training (see agenda below) and coaching with internationally acclaimed sales expert Jeff Goldberg
  • 30-45 minutes of “real-world” coaching designed to help you strategize your current, personal sales situations forward to CLOSED!

Are you the type of person interested enough in their own sales success that you’re willing to invest in it? I’ve designed this program to be both affordable and effective so that committed, results-producing high-performers, like you, can take part in this 90 day journey to increased sales.

By participating in this group for just 90 days you’ll walk away with:

  • Clearly defined, specific, written sales goals
  • A written plan for achieving those goals
  • Easy to implement, easy to use Conversational Selling skills
  • A better understanding of the sales process and how it works in conjunction with your customer’s buying process

How can we do all this in just 90 days? Simple:

1) We’re going to move quickly and cover a lot of ground on each call

2) The group will only be made up of no more than 14 others who are committed and ready to stop complaining, find real improvement and get real results

3) You’ll get specific strategies and advice from the group (and me) on how to move the sales you’re currently working on towards Closed.

4) You’ll have access to me between calls via email and phone

The goal is to have this 90 days make a real difference in your 2013 income.

Corporations pay $5000 (or more) per day for training like this but the sad fact is that most salespeople and entrepreneurs just don’t have that type of money available right now, even though the investment in themselves will buy them more sales. I’ve worked very hard to make this program attainable for everyone BUT the group will be limited to just 14 other highly committed professionals, like you.

Right now you can choose to increase your sales and become part of our 90 Days to Increased Sales group!

Starting on Tuesday, December 26, at 5:30 p.m. (Eastern) we’ll speak via webinar/phone for 90 minutes every two weeks with one goal and one goal only: To give you, and improve on, the skills you need to make 2013 your best sales year ever!

Dates – 2/26, 3/12, 3/26, 4/09, 4/23, 5/07, 5/21


Week 1: Goal Setting, Strategic Planning & Metrics

Week 2: The Inner Game of Sales & Introduction to Conversation Selling

Week 3: A Deep Dive into Conversational Selling

Week 4: The Sales Cycle and the Buying Cycle

Week 5: Managing Your Pipeline

Week 6: Telephone and other forms of Prospecting

Week 7: Leveraging Your Laziness for Greater Success

Investment: $297 per month (paid monthly) for three months or $847 if you pay up front. For those that choose to pay in full you’ll also receive a free, private coaching session! (a $500 value)

***Note – This is a full 90-day program for those truly committed to their increased success. While you can pay monthly, if you’re not willing to commit to the full 90 days this program isn’t right for you.

Ready to register? Click here – http://jgsalespro.com/books-products#top

Questions? Call me at 516.608.4136 or write to jeff@jgsalespro.com

Let’s all Make It Happen in 2013!

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