3 Ways to Increase Sales NOW!


I’ve trained tens of thousands of sales reps and sales managers internationally. Most teams achieve fair results, at best. Here are 3 simple, common-sense steps you can implement to kick-start your team’s sales NOW!

1) Run Effective Pipeline Reviews

The pipeline review is among the most powerful tools in a Manager’s arsenal to help reps close business.

  1. Your salespeople must keep their pipeline report updated (this is non-negotiable) in whatever Pipeline Management System you’re using. If they won’t keep the data current, it’s useless.      (At JG&A we have a simple system that works like a charm!)

  1. Sales leaders must run an effective pipeline review.

An up-to-date and regularly reviewed pipeline report is crucial to a sales rep’s success.

When reviewing a rep’s pipeline, managers must be willing to ask hard questions and demand answers. This can be uncomfortable, especially if the manager doesn’t know the right questions to ask. I teach Sales Managers to, “Always have more questions than your salespeople have answers to.” This makes salespeople uncomfortable, but that’s good. If they’re uncomfortable admitting they don’t have the answers to their manager’s questions, the next time they’re on a sales call they’ll ask more, and better questions. Even if it’s only so that they can get their manager off their back, this is good news.

When your people ask better questions, and more of them, they become better salespeople and close more business!

“Since Jeff has trained us we’ve seen
upwards of a 20% growth in sales
…I love it”

Rick Jung/CEO – Clinicient

2) ALWAYS get a Best Next Action Step

Typical salesperson waste a lot of time chasing low-probability sales. We want them to focus on the opposite. How do you know if a prospect is high-probability? If they’ll agree to meet with you again, after already giving you some of their valuable time, they’re much higher-probability than a prospect who says, “Yes, give me a call next week and we’ll set something up.” Let’s be honest…if they were interested, they’d agree to another meeting.

The Best Next Action Step philosophy is simple:

NEVER leave a meeting or phone call without setting up the next meeting or phone call, with a specific date and time.

By always asking for a Best Next Action Step, reps can determine who’s interested and who’s not and they’ll shorten their sales cycle. Instead of chasing the prospect via phone and email for a week, or two, or three (or longer) you’ve already got a commitment to more of their time.

“If someone were to ask me 3 words
that would describe what Jeff does,
I would have to respond he Makes It Happen!

John Caracciolo/CEO & Founder
JVC Broadcasting

3) Use Conversational Selling

Most salespeople believe that success in sales comes from being a great presenter, and a strong closer. Not true. The best always have 3 characteristics. They’re:

  1. The best question askers

  2. The best listeners, and

  3. The best storytellers.

Your prospects don’t want to be “pitched”…they want to speak with trusted advisers who have their (the prospect’s) best interests at heart and the knowledge & ability to help them solve a problem. Salespeople need to be trained to have better conversations. By understanding how to have better conversations, your salespeople can help more prospects turn themselves into customers! Good conversation flow easily and each “side” is speaking equally. The simple fact is, if you ask the right questions, and listen actively, your prospects will tell you everything you need to know in order to help them decide to buy from you.

Focus on these tips and you should see your team’s sales increase quickly! 

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